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This site is dedicated to a family member we all love: Sherri.

A couple of months ago Sherri learned that she has Inflammatory Breast Cancer. IBC is not like any other breast cancer in that a) it is fairly aggressive, and b) mammograms do not ordinarily pick up the disease because of the way it presents itself (as a "nest" rather than lumps).

Sherri is a 38 year old single mother and has 2 children under the age of 16. This has been quite a shock for her, and by association - her friends and family.

It is our goal to raise as much awareness for IBC as possible while raising money for Sherri during this difficult time. On the right hand side you will see a link to donate. All money will go directly to Sherri.

In addition, you will see Google Ads at the bottom of the right hand side. Every time you click on a link, the site adds up the clicks which translates into further funds for the cause.

I will be adding new links, information, and stories regularly. Should you have any questions, please comment here, or email the webmaster at

For now, until the website becomes much more developed, educate yourself by visiting the IBC Research Foundation.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you, Sherri, Isaiah, and Brianna. IBC is a tough one, but it CAN be beaten.

I was diagnosed almost two years ago, and, after a tough battle against the disease and its side effects, today I'm healthy and playing with my kids again.

There are more of us out there too -- visit to meet Stella, Judy (who blogs as justenjoyhim), and Susan (WhyMommy) if you'd like to read about women who blogged through their journey with inflammatory breast cancer.

It's a tough one, no doubt. Hang in there, and fight it with all you've got!

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