Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Peggy: Stage IV Survivor

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The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation has some very good information about IBC.

Today's positive story is about Peggy, a survivor of Stage 4 IBC. Peggy has been doing well since her diagnosis in 1999. Read about her experiences from diagnosis, to early treatment, to today. Peggy states that "looking back, I find that the hardest time of this entire journey so far was the time between diagnosis through the first few months of chemo."

It was November 1999, about three weeks after I had a mammogram that showed absolutely nothing, when my right breast started to swell and to develop an angry-looking rash. I preferred to ignore it, thinking it would go away. Afterall, I had a great job and everything to look forward to. I had recently turned 50 and felt wonderful. My older son had begun college and my younger one was in high school, so they were becoming more independent. I could take classes,participate in our church choir, and do many things that I had waited to do till I wasn’t needed in “Mommy Mode” quite so much.

Read more about Peggy's experience.

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